What's New - Changelog

All the latest updates on SalesBlink & it's features.

  1. BlinkGPT AI can now write in 100+ languages

    New Feature

    Just select a language from dropdown and BlinkGPT AI will draft emails for you in 100+ languages. Learn How 

    Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 3.19.26 PM

    BlinkGPT AI Support for Multiple Languages

    Eg. French Spanish German

    Sushant | Founder



  2. 🔥 WarmUp Updates


    Our WarmUp pool is now 70,000+ emails strong 💪🏻.

    Including email addresses from any SMTP provider on planet 🌎.

    This means better deliverability for everyone 🙌🏻.


    We've come up with a few updates to make WarmUp even better:

    👉🏻 WarmUp no longer uses -warmup in the subject line, instead hotblink keyword is added in subject lines. Some users mentioned "-warmup" might impact deliverability negatively.

    👉🏻 WarmUp no longer can send emails to senders of same user.

    👉🏻 WarmUp now has more realistic email subject lines & body.

    👉🏻 Max WarmUp emails per day can be upto 250.

    🔗 Learn More 


    Thanks to everyone for sharing your ideas 💡!


    Better Warmup Emails

    Although the warmup service is great, I noticed the messages received are more or less gibberish, here is an example of part of an email. "A seal of the elephant is assumed to be a succinct strawberry. A rabbit is a peach from the right perspective. A shark is a plucky shark. Those tangerines are nothing more than deers!" Eventually this type of email will easily get classed as spam (especially with advent of AI). For realism, the warmup messages should have much more typical business type interactions eg. Sales type messages, meeting arrangements, new product, contract negotiations, quotations, employee / team mate interactions.




    Custom WarmUp Tag

    The warmup tag -warmup is not filterable by GMail. It also screams "warmup" seemingly begging Google to notice. Other services allow you to create a custom warmup tag and they rotate it's placement within the body of the email instead of putting it so obviously in the subject line. Please allow for custom warmup tags and move it from the subject line to the body of the email. As it is I cannot use the warmup service since I cannot filter these messages in GMail.




    Do Not Send WarmUp Emails Between a User's Own Accounts

    WarmUp emails should not be sent between my own accounts. Please prevent this.




  3. ⬆️ Backend Updates & Minor Fixes


    🙌🏻 We've completely reworked our backend which has brought the following improvements:

    1. Replies are tracked (almost) instantly, instead of after a 2 hour delay.
    2. Bounces are tracked (almost) instantly, instead of after a 2 hour delay.
    3. WarmUp process will have (almost) zero bounces.
    4. Some custom SMTP/IMAP servers were unable to connect before - this is an issue of the past now.
    5. At times follow-ups were not being sent in same thread, the issue is resolved now.
    6. Overall Performance Improvements.

    Note: This might have disconnected some of email senders & must be reconnected to be used.


    ✨ ✨ Other Minor Improvements:

    1. Add Sender button stays disabled till page loads to prevent errors.
    2. Improved UI for Error popover on email senders page.
    3. Minor UI Improvements for Tasks.
    4. Timezone in Report logs when you over on any date/time.


    We're committed to build the best cold email outreach software on the market 🚀



  4. 🐞 Bug Fixes


    We've made multiple bug fixes that was affecting a few users including:

    • Filters on email sender page not working.
    • Date range picker in reports not working at times.
    • Emails being sent outside of sending scheduled days.
    • Sequence not sending emails at times.
    • Email sending schedule calendar shows "undefined" at times.


    🚀 We continue to improve SalesBlink for all our users!