What's New - Changelog

All the latest updates on SalesBlink & it's features.

  1. 🐞 Bug Fixes


    We've made multiple bug fixes that was affecting a few users including:

    • Filters on email sender page not working.
    • Date range picker in reports not working at times.
    • Emails being sent outside of sending scheduled days.
    • Sequence not sending emails at times.
    • Email sending schedule calendar shows "undefined" at times.


    🚀 We continue to improve SalesBlink for all our users!




  2. ✨ Minor UI Improvements


    We've made some minor UI improvements this week to improve usability of SalesBlink including:

    • Fix overlapping colors for Email Sender filters.
    • Add help text when you hover over cards in WarmUp Reports.
    • Message to let you know you are editing a dashboard.
    • Hide Outbox card from sequence reports when option not selected while scheduling sequence.
    • Redirect to Inbox when a user clicks on Replies on sequence reports.
    • You can no more add https:// while adding custom domains, this was never required anyway.
    • You can no longer remove "owner" account from users page.
    • Link to help docs and popover text for instant help at multiple other places.

    and much more..


  3. 🐞 Multiple Bug Fixes


    We've fixed following issues that was affecting a few users:


    • Sent emails are being shown as Replies in Inbox.
    • Follow-Up emails being sent twice
    • Frequent disconnection of Email Senders
    • Emails replies not being tracked
    • Email bounces not being tracked
    • WarmUp disabled without any errors.


    We continue to improve SalesBlink for all our users!